PROP 1:  Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy

What you need to know:

Levies are the ONLY locally-approved ballot measures that directly fund classroom and educational needs that the state doesn’t fund.  While the state legislature made significant investments in basic education, it’s still a work in progress and actual costs are not fully covered. This levy bridges the funding gap where the state falls short.

Funds the Essentials
This levy makes up for the lack of state funding at our local level and goes directly to the school district’s operating budget. This levy affects everything from teachers, nurses, and counselors to child health, school safety, transportation and extracurricular activities. We simply need to fund the essentials that our kids deserve.  Please join us in voting yes for kids and yes for schools!

Not a New Tax
This 4-year Levy replaces the existing/expiring 2018-20 levy for an additional 4 years. Renewing this levy is a zero cost increase to current local taxes and simply replaces the expiring levy. There is no increase to your existing tax rate!Link here for additional LEVY information.  

PROP 2:  Capital Projects Bond

What you need to know:

Capital construction bonds fund construction of new or remodeled schools, system upgrades, safety and security, and acquisition of land for schools.  This measure funds  Sumner High School Phase 2 Replacement, including a performing arts center, gym and pool; purchase of land for a future middle school, and turfed and lighted field on land to be acquired in Tehaleh.  

2,000+ Additional Students Within 10-Years
We are one of the fastest growing districts in Pierce County. By 2030 demographers project a nearly 15 percent growth in middle school students alone.

Plan for Growth and Replace SHS Community Facilities
The Bond purchases land for a future middle school in Tehaleh saving the district millions of dollars and benefits us now by building a lighted turf field on site. This bond funds phase 2 of the current expansion project at Sumner High School and replaces core facilities, including the performing arts center, gym and pool… facilities the community uses on a year-round, daily basis. Vote Yes and bond the Sumner-Bonney Lake School communities!

Local Bond Rates Among Lowest in State
This bond adds $.45 per $1,000 of assessed home value. That’s only $11.25 per month ($.36 a day) for a $300,000 home!